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Medical Diagnostic and Health Check Services

The Group’s wholly owned subsidiary – Luck Key Investment Limited, provides one-stop comprehensive and quality medical diagnostic services with advanced imaging technology and experienced medical and healthcare professionals.

The Group has a total of nine health check centres, two testing laboratories and a laboratory for manufacturing of PET Radiopharmaceuticals in Hong Kong. The health check centres and medical diagnostic centres of the Group are operating under the brand of“HKHC, “OPUS”, “C.T. Scan” and “Yuen Foong”.

  Service Client Network Brand
Health Check One-stop comprehensive health check services Individual client, corporate client and tourists 9 health check centres located in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories
Imaging Diagnostic Insightful imaging diagnostic services such as brain scans, coronary arteriogram, diagnosis of cancer, equipped with advanced imaging equipment and technology Patients referred from Town Health Medical Centre, other private clinics and public hospitals 9 medical service centres under different brands
Laboratory Testing Centralized laboratory system and services, which reduce cost with economies of scale Samples from Town Health Medical Centre and other private clinics 2 laboratories

Money Lending Business

The Group’s loan portfolios consist of unsecured loans granted to individual customers. The Group has been paying close attention to the market conditions for capturing business opportunities in the money lending segment and will expand the business to generate steady returns.

Assets Investment Business

The Group’s securities investment portfolio mainly comprises investments in listed companies. In order to diversify the Group’s business, the Group also held certain investment properties in Hong Kong. It is expected that these properties will bring new income to the Group and generate steady revenue.