Interactive Entertainment China Cultural Technology Investments Limited

Development of online education platform

In order to incorporate the “mobile internet+” concept to children education, one of the industries in the spotlight, the Group is currently undergoing the development and building of online children education platforms. Since March 2015, the Group has cooperated with 上海賽果文化傳播有限公司 (Shanghai Saiguo Cultural Media Limited*) to undertake a knowledge quizzes competition among the students in China hosted by 全國少年兒童「雙有」活動組委會 (organizing committee of the China Shuangyou Event for the Youth and Children*). The Group has designed and developed the web version and mobile application of the program namely “我是小小中國通-絲路文化之旅” (I Am Little Chinese Hand – Silk Road Cultural Tour*) to be used in the competition.

In response to the event “我是小小中國通 - 少年兒童中華文明傳承計劃” (I Am Little China Hand – Youth Children Chinese Civilization Inheritance programme*) hosted by 中國下一代教育基金會 (China Next Generation Education Foundation), a new application, namely “我是小小中國通 - 十萬零一個為什麼” (I Am Little Chinese Hand – One Hundred Thousand and One Questions*), was being developed by the Group. The new application is an online education platform including knowledge quizzes in different aspects such as sinology, astronomy, geography, intangible cultural heritage, folkways, English language, technology and animations.

Provision of professional IT contract and maintenance services

The Group’s wholly owned subsidiary, EPRO BVI Limited, is principally engaged in provision of professional information technology contract and maintenance services in China and Hong Kong and is a CMMi5 accessed information technology and software outsourcing provider that tailor-made professional IT solutions for sizable corporate clients and government departments. The core businesses of EPRO BVI Limited include enterprise software applications and platform development outsourcing services, mobile internet applications and platform development outsourcing services, mainframe downsizing, application localization and systems integration.

Mobile-online game business

The Group began its mobile-online game business in 2014 and currently owns 28.8% issued share capital of Something Big Technology Holdings Limited (being the holding company of Mighty Eight Investments Limited). A new mobile-online game, namely “NBA Heroes” was launch by Something Big Technology Holdings Limited in 2015, which integrated traditional Chinese historical themes and elements from “SanGuo” to modern western style NBA basketball sports game, with intellectual property rights officially licensed by the NBA (National Basketball Association). NBA Heroes had been awarded the “Most Anticipated Sports Game of the Year” in the Second International Mobile Game Forum in 2014. NBA Heroes had been ranked among one of the top 5 downloaded sports games and top 10 sports games in terms of gross billing respectively on the App Store in the PRC.